All Education is Self-education

Hi and thanks for dropping by.  I was introduced to Charlotte Mason ten years ago when my youngest was a baby and my kids went to CM school for a season. I had heard the term living books but never really understood what it meant nor did I pursue it very diligently.  But after five years of being very involved in my kids’ school I decided that as a trained teacher and enthusiastic home educator, I would adopt this philosophy as my very own.  I read lots of blogs and many books about CM and her ideas but it was not til recently that I read more than just a paragraph here and there from the volumes themselves and it has made all the difference.  This blog is just where I wish to compile my discussion questions as I process what I read.  Sometimes I may choose to narrate but most of the time I anticipate just “discussing” things I really agree with or disagree with (Yes I have disagreed with CM before!) or maybe even posing questions! I hope you will join me on this journey.  There is no better place to get info about CM than from the author’s very own words! Let’s get started…

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