Coronavirus Pandemic 2020

So we have been quarantining ourselves for over two weeks now–not because we are sick but because we are trying to help “flatten the curve” as the popular tagline goes. We have been fine. Even my extrovert son is coping unusually well…though his best friend is struggling with all the changes that have been required. She is a public school student and is not used to being home-schooled. Wolf loves being home-schooled and has no desire to go to public or private school…though he does miss our home-school support group’s park day. As an HSP, my heart aches for this sweet girl and for all children whose worlds have been turned upside down.

Another lady I know from our small little AWANA club (which has also dismissed for the foreseeable future) is struggling mightily: type 1 diabetes, no health insurance, husband was just last night laid off from one of his five PT jobs, sassy six year old with undiagnosed sensory processing issues…she is so overwhelmed and I feel so helpless as to how to give her hope. Even the best advice falls flat when your world seems to be falling apart in front of your very eyes.

For the most part, I am fine. Social distancing doesn’t bother me. My dh is still at work and so he does the grocery shopping so that we don’t have to be exposed unnecessarily. He is thinking they will work from home in the near future so that will definitely help me cope even better than I have been. I don’t know anyone who has the virus–a couple of out of state friends suspect they did but didn’t get tested or weren’t able to. My dh knows someone who knows a healthy 59 year old man who contracted the virus and died four days later. My family doesn’t seem to be affected. I am most concerned for my preemie grandson who was born the end of June at 28 weeks and has spent most of his young life in the hospital. His mother and father have kept him home but about a week ago, mom had to go to hospital for an ovarian cyst that ruptured and she could have been exposed. I try not to think about it.

I am trying to stay busy reaching out to people virtually, copying scripture into my notebook and taking walks with our two rambunctious Schnauzers. It has been mostly sunny which does much to keep my spirits up–when rain comes I can definitely notice it’s harder to be positive.

Well I need to go spend some time with my 13 yo. We need to play games and go for walks and keep on moving… this feels like it will last forever but after President Trumps warning to prepare for a very difficult two weeks… I am dreading hearing the death toll. I have to rest in the sovereignty of my heavenly Father and know that even when everything feels out of control, He is still on the throne.

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