Post-Easter Quarantine

So it’s a week after Easter and it looks as though the quarantine may be slowly drawing to a close. There is talk of shops opening next Friday via Governor Abbott and phases to return to normalcy as far as travel is concerned. Church is still online and I haven’t heard of anything regarding when we can meet in person again. It’s going to be interesting…getting back to normal. People talk about the ‘new normal’ but I’m not so sure this is going to have the long term impacts people are predicting. Maybe I’m wrong.

My life, thankfully, has stayed very much the same except that I’m not running to activities in the afternoon which leaves me more time for reading, baking or taking a nap. I rather like the disruption–aside from people getting sick and dying, that is. As an introverted HSP, this break has rather fed my desire for aloneness to the point where I may now be a certified hermit! And I do need to be willing to ease back out into the world. For me, perhaps, this will be the biggest challenge. I am hopeful though, that because of this unplanned hiatus, perhaps many more families have experienced a togetherness that has eluded them for many months or even years. I do hope that many experienced family memories that may change the way they do life on a daily basis–making more time for what’s essential–relationships. Less bustle and hustle, more living, loving and laughing–together.

Yesterday we went to the nursery for some plants and had to stand in line to gain admittance. Only 20 people at a time. Seemed a little excessive to me but it was a gorgeous day and so I waited 20 minutes and then we got what we came for, stood in another long line to pay and then left. Everyone was friendly, helpful and considerate. It did look odd to see most wearing masks but I can get over that. At the grocery store, which I haven’t been to in more than a month, EVERYONE was wearing them…staff and customers. We kind of stood out like a sore thumb. But they didn’t eject us…

My husband, thankfully, has a job and has been considered essential so though he has been working from home a little more, which I like, we just have not had that much disruption. I have a restricted diet so we seldom eat out, my husband has done all the grocery shopping/errand running so as to not unnecessarily expose us, as he already has been exposed at work. And my son’s guitar lessons have gone online so that has gone pretty well.

My heart hurts for those who have lost jobs or faced other substantial hardships because of the coronavirus. But sometimes I think people get a little too bent out of shape at things like sporting events, graduations etc. Maybe because I’m not a team athlete or maybe just because I’m an introvert, I consider these small sacrifices to make for the good of others who cannot fight this terrible virus without great peril to their lives.

At the end of the day, I’m grateful God is still on the throne, I’m grateful I don’t know anyone who has had a confirmed case of the virus, perhaps because they couldn’t get tested or simply chose not to and I’m grateful to have plenty of food and basic necessities. It will definitely be a memory that no one forgets very soon, I’ll give you that, but for me, that’s about all it will be. And for that I am truly grateful.

What about y’all?

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