The not so young and the restless…

So here we are on Friday, April 24, 2020 and we are still quarantining from the Coronoavirus, otherwise known as Covid-19. My thirteen-years-old easy-going child is going bonkers–so much so that I’ve relaxed our “draconian” internet rules and allowed more time playing on the Switch with his elder brother in Florida.

DH was off early today since he’s been working so hard this week. We had school (more or less), allergy shots, half an hour wait (in the car) after allergy shots, grocery store, home, friend’s house to drop off her food because her kids are sick, Costco and finally home. Whew! Actually I felt bad but I had to send DH out for charcoal so he should be home in a minute. But he managed to squeeze in a nap!

Tonight is family movie night. Thinking about the Ford v. Ferrari movie…we’ll see. I’m taking a break from exercise. We’ve also listened to one of our favorite authors read his books every night on Facebook. That has truly been the highlight of our evenings and though I can’t be sure, I think it has rescued my extrovert son from the brink of insanity so shout out to Andrew and the Peterson family for sacrificing their time. We truly appreciate it.

Our garden is alive but strangely doesn’t seem to be providing any fruit. We’ll try to get some Black Kow tomorrow. Home Depot was closed at six. Many stores have abbreviated hours, if they are open at all. We are also having some brickwork done to contain the landscaping on the front of the house. Cause everyone knows how wild those bushes and shrubs get!

I’m planning a trip out of state in a few weeks, tentatively, of course. To see our best friends, who have known us about 30 years. It will give us something to look forward to, even if we do have to maintain our schoolwork. We’ve just taken too many days off this year! We’re also hoping to get up to Broken Bow, OK soon just for a little family weekend getaway.

What are y’all planning to do this weekend? How are you remember to be grateful rather than grumbly? There truly is much to be thankful for, even during this global pandemic.

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