Mother’s Day 2020


Today started with the love of my life bringing me left over birthday cake with a newly whipped up batch of dairy-free icing… the original had cream cheese icing which was yummy in the tummy but my tummy was not very happy with me for indulging. So C. made a new batch, scraped off the old and put on the new. It’s called hummingbird cake and is very light and fruity–like fancy banana bread with a just sweet enough coconut cream/df cream cheese option. Check it out if you are grain and dairy free! We also had an edible arrangements fruit basket delivered. Courtesy of our eldest and his wife who live in Florida.

My son who lives at home brought me a card which reflected his minimalist style of artwork (read there wasn’t any-– I had to ask for a picture of a turtle)…My daughter called from Seattle to chat a while and then we decided to go on a hike. Which is when something perfectly tragical happened: As I went out the front door, I was confronted with a dead mama cardinal laying on our porch. Poor thing. So we had to bury her underneath the gas meter. We did see more cardinals on our hike which made me think of her. I hope she didn’t have any babies at home waiting on her. My daughter said, “Maybe she was single!” I have never had anything like that happen. This year my daughter sent me a basket of goodies of items made in Washington state which is a very nice idea: Scone mix, honey, honey fig spread, soap and chocolate covered cherries where among the goodies.


So I have to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of outdoor life in Texas. I love to meander through the woods and watch for birds and butterflies, trees and wildflowers, lakes and scenic views–not rubbish, scrub and worst of all–snakes. But my husband wanted to try a trail about twenty minutes from us and it was actually the best I’ve been on since we’ve been here. The location of this trail was on the Trinity River and we did briefly glimpse a water snake but thankfully none in our direct path. Winnie the Schnauzer had her romp in the river and then we quickly moved on. While we were wandering, we had excellent cell reception which was good since my son called and we got to hike virtually with him and see our grandbaby, who was having a grumpy afternoon. There were lots of lovely butterflies perched elegantly on dainty bouquets of Queen Anne’s lace. Mama and daddy cardinals deftly darted into and out of trees. It definitely exceeded my expectations. There is a little rocky beach portion but we didn’t want to bring our dogs down to the beach with the other people down there. They can be a little exuberant, shall we say. But all that said, I was pleasantly surprised by this hike and hopeful that maybe we can find more places to hike to satisfy my nature cravings.

When we came home we ate lunch and watched our church service and then my youngest went out to play for a bit while my husband opted for a nap. Later we will likely do our weekly Sundaes with Shakespeare but it’s been a very relaxed kind of day. Sunday is such a hard day sometimes…I try to enjoy all the hours in it but Monday peeking just around the corner is somewhat disconcerting. I have been reading to my grandson on Monday evenings so that helps a bit but I enjoy my husband being home with us and it does seem like we just don’t see enough of him during the week. I try to not have a favorite day of the week–to just take it one day at a time. But I can’t help being partial to Friday after my husband gets home. It’s just so nice to have a break in routine and get to spend more time together. But I’m working hard to be grateful for the moments that we do get.

The dark cloud in all of this weekend has been my hanai sister’s mom being in the hospital and not doing well and having no one to advocated for her. I know this is so hard for L and she feels so helpless, as do I . Her dad is taking it hard, having already been laid off during corona virus and now he can’t even be with his very ill wife. She had her gallbladder removed and now is suffering from complications of it including an intestinal tear and pancreatitis. They almost lost her last night. Jesus please lay your healing hands on N and be with her, comfort her and surround her with compassionate caregivers. May she be allowed to go home soon and recover fully. We pray in Your name. Amen.

I hope you have a lovely mother’s day and fond memories of your own mother and of being a mother, no matter what stage of life you are in. Motherhood matters and if you choose to make it your exclusive “career”, meaning you intentionally chose to make your family your focus or if you work outside the home, you have the most important job. I am grateful for the opportunity to stay home through the years and educate my own children and pour into them; to make special memories and find encouragement in knowing God can work my shortcomings as a person and a mother into His good plan for me and for those I love. And He can do this for you as well, if you will let Him. It can be a struggle but it is possible to see beauty in the humanity that all of us share and to appreciate each other for just being who we are–flawed and fabulous mamas who love our children deeply.

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