Coronavirus Pandemic 2020

So we have been quarantining ourselves for over two weeks now–not because we are sick but because we are trying to help “flatten the curve” as the popular tagline goes. We have been fine. Even my extrovert son is coping unusually well…though his best friend is struggling with all the changes that have been required.Continue reading “Coronavirus Pandemic 2020”

Reflections on our Year with Mason’s Alveary by CMI

I brought this over from my other site because there was so much interest in it… It is not part of my pondering about the volumes, just our experience with this particular curriculum. Some of you will remember that last year, about this time I went to the UK for a conference given by aContinue reading “Reflections on our Year with Mason’s Alveary by CMI”

Willows and Woollens pt. 1

Wow.  It’s going to be hard to capture the essence of the first quarter of Home Education in one post.  Remember I’m not usually going to narrate here but marinate.  Discuss. Ponder.  In this first volume, which is written to encourage young mothers in bringing up their form one and younger children (under age 9),Continue reading “Willows and Woollens pt. 1”